Frequently Asked Questions

How can this clean my gun if the cleaning device contains gun powder?

The propellants used are highly oxidized scientifically formulated propellants having very low carbon compositions in the chemical chain. Any residual that may be left in the bore is extremely minimal.

Is this load lethal?

YES! All HUNTEGO products should be treated with the necessary safety precautions and considered LIVE. Always practice gun safety.

Is this an ammunition that cleans your gun or a cleaning device that is an ammunition?

CleanShot is a high-velocity bore cleaning product. It is designed to be used to clean your guns bore as the payload travels through the barrel. 

Can this be shot indoors?

The products can be used at any safe INDOOR range or OUTDOOR environment where it is LEGAL to discharge a firearm. Always practice gun safety.

How does this compare with traditional gun cleaning with a patch?

Huntego does in one shot what several passes with other industry accepted products would accomplish. We make no mistake in saying that full bench cleaning practices should always be observed and implemented when time, energy and money permits.

Will repeated use hurt my gun?

No. Safe to use on all smooth and rifled bores. Use it as many times as needed and know that it will not hurt your gun.

Where can I purchases these?

We are working to establish dealers in your area. If you are interested in becoming a Dealer, please fill out the DEALER REGISTRATION form.

When are other shotgun gauges coming out?

We are working on the most popular gauges and will get them in the product line soon. If you are looking for a specific gauge - please let us know.

If you have a question, please call or reach out to Huntego and we will address all question as they come in. Thank you for your support and interest.