CleanShot® in Action

The following video shows crystal clear evidence of the effectiveness of shoot-thru gun bore cleaning technology at work. Look for more videos to come showing the entire product line at work. Huntego Limited - changing the game forever in bore cleaning products.


Instructions for Use

(For best results, shoot as your last round of the day)

  1. After shooting several rounds through your firearm simply load a CleanShot® bore cleaning device (gauge specific) as you would a normal round.
  2. Safely and legally discharge firearm.
  3. The bore is field cleaned in an instant! 

CleanShot® is a patented high-velocity bore field cleaning device that power scrubs, traps particles and wipes your bore clean. Designed to be used in the field or at a range, CleanShot® allows shooters to maintain their firearms with minimal cleaning equipment, effort and mess.