Our Story

Huntego Limited is a company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of innovative gun bore cleaning technologies for the Hunting and Shooting Sports industries.

Founded in Southeast Michigan by inventor Curt Whitworth and experienced business partners, Huntego Limited was created with a singular vision: Create products for hunters and shooters that make the experience better for participants of all levels.

Beginning with our cornerstone innovation, shoot-through gun bore cleaning technology — Huntego stands ready to establish itself with the development and introduction of new bore cleaning products. Moving forward, Huntego will continue to advance its vision by striving to expand availability, and pursuing all new innovations that will push the envelope in the name of enhancing convenience, performance and fun for gun users and enthusiasts everywhere... changing the game forever!


  • US 9,052,172
  • US 9,194,674
  • US 9,212,879

Additional US and International patents pending.


A Special Thanks

We would like to thank those that participated in the Fire Funder and pre-sales initiatives. Without you, production of this product wouldn't have been possible. Again - Thank you!

  • Brian Taylor
  • Matt Morgan
  • Andrew Martine
  • Bill Stock
  • Craig Mooney
  • Gary Asher
  • Gerald Beaudet
  • Greg Hawley
  • Jay Clement
  • Jeff Kittle
  • John McKean
  • Kirk Zechel
  • Michael Ingram
  • Sam Lambert
  • Scott Geoffrey
  • Snow Robertson
  • Steve Meineke
  • Tom Potter
  • Chris Chambers
  • Mitch Dean
  • Troy Zacherl
  • Brian Feucht
  • Chuck Glassmire
  • Jeff Brock
  • Matt Romanek
  • Nathan Debuc
  • Micah Cline
  • Chad Elliott
  • Joe Brish
  • Mike Wessels
  • Scott Blanchette