CleanShot® Gun Bore Scope & Patch Test Results

To demonstrate the effectiveness of CleanShot®, a bore scope provides "before" and "after" visual proof. This testing protocol consisted of several 12-gauge rounds shot in succession, then cleaned using a CleanShot shoot-thru gun bore cleaning round. The bore scope recorded the proof and is displayed below. 




CleanShot® Patch Test Results

We have worked hard to heavily “patch test” throughout the validation and verification process. The following visual represents vigorous patch testing procedures performed on a variety of actions, barrel lengths and environmental conditions.

As you can see - after just five (5) standard rounds, there is a considerable amount of carbon and debris residing in the bore. After cleaning with CleanShot® shoot-thru gun bore cleaner - there are minimal trace deposits remaining.

* Keep out of reach of children. Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction. Keep barrel clear of obstructions. Never shoot in any situation you wouldn't shoot a live round. Practice standard gun safety while using. Results may vary.